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Ocean Poems - Sea Poems

Sailing the Storm
    by Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I dream of a wind with the power of storm.
It blows hot. It blows cold. And it sometimes blows warm.
It's a wind of a storm, and a storm of a wind.
If I named its true name, you might think I had sinned.

Of a boat I can sail on the storm, I do dream.
It's got length, it's got draft, and it's got a good beam.
The mast is so tall, and the sails are well set.
It's the fastest, the strongest, the most stable yet.

When the sea is like glass, and the winds do not blow,
I am stuck in one place. I have nowhere to go.
I am safe. I am bored. I am out of my mind.
If you wished this for me, you would be most unkind.

When the wind starts to whisper, my boat's still too slow.
I'm still safe. I'm still bored. Won't that storm start to grow.
I long for adventure. I long for the trip.
If this boat were a buggy, I'd reach for the whip.

The storm is approaching. It's crashing the gates.
The landlubbers panic, and curse unknown fates.
They are mad. They're afraid. And they haven't a clue.
They say god is angry. They puke in the loo.

My boat is so happy. It whistles its rigging.
My joy joins the chorus. I find that I'm singing.
My future is speaking. I know I've been called.
I push on the tiller. We're sailing close-hauled.

Into the wind, in the teeth of the gale,
I breath deep, I breath hard, and I don't lower sail.
It's my journey, my quest. I have one life to live.
I'll take hurt. I'll take pain. But my up I won't give.

The wind keeps on rising. I know I'll be fine.
I double the reefing. It's now Beaufort 9.
My all is the storm, and the storm is my all.
My bold life awaits me. I answer the call.

The storm is my strength, and I gather it in.
I am calm and at peace. I have nothing to win.
I have nothing to lose, for nothing is mine.
It's all just on loan, 'til my box is of pine.

My life is for living, not worry or doubt,
or chasing my tail, or flailing about.
I breathe in my courage, I exhale my fear.
I cherish my freedom, and those I hold dear.

My love is my life, and my life is my love.
I love every person, a gift from above.
The strength of the storm transmutes to my needs.
Like manna from heaven, my spirit it feeds.

When I was a boy, I sailed boats in my bath.
I played and I played - didn't yet know my path.
My boat is now stronger - to weather a gale.
My course now is certain. Fresh winds fill my sail.

My boat is for me, but the storm is for all.
Just hoist your own sails, and answer the call.
The storm is the answer, the question is who.
Who will take up the challenge. It might be you.

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May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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